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Frequently asked questions

These questions and answers have been designed to help you understand some of the history of the Village, as well as provide information that is regularly asked of our staff.

How did Adelene get its name?

It was named after the late Esma Adelene Leech, wife of the late Gordon Leech MBE.

When did the Village first open?

The company was formed on 3 November 1978, and building commenced on 12 January 1979. The first unit was occupied on 5 May 1979. The Nursing Home opened on 13 May 1980.

Whose original concept was it?

The original concept was that of Mr Gordon Leech MBE, who held a public meeting outlining the project. This meeting agreed that the project should go ahead as a community effort.

What is the philosophy of the Village?

Adelene Village is a resident-funded charitable organisation, operated through a Board of Management, motivated by Christian concern for the care and welfare of aged and disabled persons from all walks of life, recognising the diverse needs of people to keep maintaining a happy, responsible, independent level of living.

All residents are regarded as valued members of society, capable of making their own decisions and deserving of respect and encouragement to maintain dignity, privacy and their rights as individuals, with varying needs and preferences.

All staff members are expected to honour the rights of all residents to proper care, privacy, respect and personal dignity.

If upon the winding up or dissolution of the company, there remains any property, this property shall be given or transferred to some other institution having objectives similar to those of this Company.

What is our vision statement?

Adelene Village will be the leading innovative aged care provider on the Central Coast, ensuring affordable quality lifestyle and excellence of care.

Do we have a mission statement?

Adelene Village strives to provide a quality standard of care that includes individual rights and dignity of residents and staff in an environment that promotes safety.

Who owns the Village?

We are owned by a company titled Adelene Retirement Village. This company is limited by guarantee.

Our company is “limited by guarantee” what does this mean?

If the company went into liquidation and was to be wound up then any residual assets would be offered to another facility having objectives similar to those of this company. As per our constitution a resident is also limited to an amount of $50 as to their personal contribution.

Are we a Registered Charity?

The company has as its aim the care of the aged and because of this enjoys the taxation status of that of a registered charity.

Who runs the Village?

A Board of Management has been put in place to run the Village on behalf of the members. This Board is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

Who are the members of the company?

All residents upon signing a lease or loan agreement automatically become members of the Company and have the opportunity to stand for office. Following approval by the Board of Management, a non-resident may become a member of the Company. An annual membership fee is payable by non-resident members.

What is the name of our Chairman?

Mr David Smallman (Board Member).

Who else is on the Board?

Mr Graham Abbott, Mrs Carole Bancroft, Mr David Smallman and Mr Gregory Harrison.

Is the Board of Management and the Board of Directors the same body?


What is the name of our Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?

Mr Phil Walsh who joined us in 2001.

What is the name of our Director of Care Services (DoCS)?

Mr Steve Morrow who joined us in 2000.

Who are the Chairpersons and Secretary of the Residents Committee?

The Chairperson is Mrs Yvonne Edwards and the Secretary is Mrs Carol Battishill.

Who is the Chairperson and Secretary of the In-Out & About Committee?

The Chairperson is Mrs Jan Farrell and the Secretary is Mrs Robyn Chapman.


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  • The place we call home! After trying four other villages, Norma and I have finally found a village that is perfect for us, which is Adelene Village. We know we have our future fully taken care of for the years ahead.

    Norm & Iris Harper

  • Adelene welcomed me! As a relative newcomer to the Village I already regret I did not make the move 10 years ago. After visiting several villages I was driving past Adelene and was impressed by the lovely grounds and spacious placing of units, and my son and I drove straight to the office and when we left I know I had found my “forever” home.

    Yvonne Pettitt

  • The staff are amazing, the office, maintenance and nursing all are very caring and helpful. We feel that this move has been ideal for us.

    Allan and Pat Courts

  • My Husband and I do a lot of caravanning and it is a good feeling to know that our house is secure whilst we are away and we can come home to gardens that do not require upkeep and lawns are mowed.

    Allan and Pat Courts

  • Staff availability, unfailing courtesy and attention ease any concerns about assistance and maintenance needs. The natural surround and lawns are a delight to experience as are the cheerful greetings one receives when out walking. Access to local facilities and transport is convenient and provided by both the village and state resources... such a boon. I am anticipating happy and secure years of living in this vibrant and caring community.

    Erica Ramsden

  • From the initial meeting at an open day to the present time when I am now a resident of Adelene, my first impressions of warmth, friendliness and caring support have been reinforced and grown. Safe and secure, comfortable and relaxed have been added to the sense of “rightness” about the decision to relocate into the Village.

    Erica Ramsden

  • After 7 years in residence Adelene has well and truly lived up to all our expectations.

    Jack Webb

  • Adelene is a quiet place to live and our fellow neighbours are close, but do not impinge on the privacy of others. Adelene Retirement Village is such value for money, you would be hard pressed to beat it!

    Jan Farrell

  • I would like to share with you the caption from a wall plaque hanging on my deck which I feel sums up Adelene Village for me:
    I journeyed to the rainbow’s end and found not gold, but you my friend.

    Janelle Farr

  • My verandah which gets the winter sun all day is a favourite spot. The option to have my own little garden was most welcome. I have enjoyed my first crop of sweet peas, jasmine, roses. It was good to already have friends in the village and I soon made new ones amongst my neighbours… and having regular visits from the Village Nurse is reassuring.

    Margaret Alberts

  • The Village Nurses who work with the Self Care Residents are treasures.

    Margot Jones

  • My family are happy in the knowledge that Adelene has a Hostel and Nursing Home with a wonderful reputation.

    Mary Mangelsdorf

  • We first came to the Village on Open Day and fell in love with everything. The spacious unit, lawns and gardens, birds and friendly staff which made our move so easy. We didn’t take any time to make our final decision, and we paid our deposit on the same day. It is so nice to have friendly people around you who are friendly and care for others. We are very happy.

    Norm & Iris Harper

  • Our GP said that Adelene was the only Village he could recommend. We liked the fact that it is self owned and as share holders, we have a say in all major decisions.

    Yvonne & John Edwards


1 Birch Road, Wyoming NSW 2250
02 4325 3693

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